Flag vote was posturing by commissioners to be re-elected

I’m writing to express my concern over the County Commission passing resolutions at their board meetings regarding Black Lives Matter promoted resolutions and transgender flags to be flown at all county buildings.

The Crown Act promoted by BLM prohibits race-based hair discrimination of African Americans hair style. Why would anyone discriminate against African Americans hair to begin with? I’m all about ending discrimination, but not channeling through BLM, a radical group that’s only goal is to cause division.

The leaders of the Black Lives Matter organizations are tied directly to self-described Marxist revolutionaries whose goal is overthrowing America’s constitutional order. Our political leaders owe it to themselves and to their fellow Americans to understand this blueprint before rhetorically embracing, let alone implementing, the radical changes that the protesters and rioters are demanding.

Unfortunately, in Genesee County the Commission will do what’s best for their re-election campaign or future state representative bid than the good of the people. Let it be known that Mark Young (Grand Blanc), Debra Newman (Swartz Creek) Charles Winfrey (Flint), Dominique Clemons (Flint Twp) , Gary Peppin (Davison), and Ellen Ellenburg, (Burton) voted in favor of the BLM resolution and transgender flags, while Meredith Davis (Flushing) and Shaun Shumaker (Fenton) opposed these resolutions.

Now we can see why these same folks passed another resolution wanting their terms changed from two years to four. This coming year it’s time for we the people to make a change. — Leah R. Davis, Swartz Creek