Flags at county buildings shouldn’t be political statements

I strongly oppose the Genesee County Board of Commissioner’s recent actions of allowing a Black Lives Matter hair style resolution to be passed without informing the public, and the politically motivated flags mandated to be flown at all tax-payer. buildings. That’s our flagpole! We want our County flags and American flags only! Nothing political!

These actions will cause division among our community. Why didn’t they ask the citizens for feedback? The county government should be focused on reducing the deficit, fixing our roads and securing money for our health care retirees.

We are also in the middle of a pandemic where the virus is killing people and the health department funding should take up the conversation at meetings, not political resolutions.

They have used this pandemic to sneak in their wish list while the people are preoccupied with survival. Shame on the Board of Commission for putting their campaign donors’ interests before the citizens of Genesee County. — Jeffery T. Hickson, Burton