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Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

The Preakness winner last Saturday was Shackleford, who ended the Triple Crown effort by Animal Kingdom. I sure hope all of you who enjoy horse racing read last week’s article where the Fat Guy correctly picked Shackleford. Yes, Shackleford paid a tremendous $27 for the victory.

I realize that horse racing needs a Triple Crown prospect to capture the casual horse racing fan’s interest. That is a shame, actually. The horse racing game has been on the decline for the past three decades. The reason is the casinos are taking away gambling dollars from the race tracks. I can tell you this, though, watching horse racing in person is absolutely fabulous. I love it and just wish more people would come out and support the horse racing industry. The bottom line is horse racing will once again wait one more year for a possible Triple Crown winner. The last leg of the Triple Crown is the Belmont Stakes, the longest of the three races. I am leaning on Animal Kingdom, but we shall see who else enters the race.

Road trip

I want to state how much I enjoyed my trip to Pittsburgh over the weekend. Yes, I caught the Saturday night game and the Sunday afternoon contest at PNC Park. The Tigers lost, 6-2, on Saturday, as I sat out in deep left field. The seats were not that bad, actually. I can honestly say there are not many bad seats at PNC Park at all. My Sunday seats were 12 rows behind home plate. Awesome seats!!

My man Rick Porcello didn’t disappoint either as he threw a gem against the Pirates, a solid one hitter before being pulled in the ninth. A curious move by the over-managing Jimmy Leyland if you ask me. Let the guy finish his masterpiece, please. Leyland’s move almost cost the Tigers the ballgame. The closer, big belly Jose Valverde, put the tying runs on in the bottom of the ninth, but got out of it for the save. What irritated me was Porcello’s pitch count wasn’t very high and he was dealing. Let the guy get the complete game! PNC Park is a must see if you get the chance. It reminds me a lot of Comerica Park. It was very family and kid friendly and a spacious concourse. I can’t wait to go back!

I will say this, though, the Interleague schedule needs to be shortened down. Three weeks of Interleague play is way too much. I would much rather see the Yankees or Red Sox come to town twice a year than sit and watch the

Arizona Diamondbacks for three games. I feel as though 10 games of interleague is plenty.

Compelling watching

The NBA Eastern and

Western Conference

Finals have been very entertaining to watch. Whether you watch the Miami Heat to win or lose makes for compelling television. I am on the side of watching them and hoping they lose! However, I feel as though I will be on the wrong side of this series. The Heat is going to go to the NBA Finals. The “Big Three” are just too much for the Chicago Bulls to overcome. The Bulls cannot live on Derrick Rose to win a series all by his lonesome.

Carlos Boozer has been a huge bust so far in the playoffs. I can’t explain why, either. Boozer is paid big time dollars like a superstar! He needs to play like one. The Bulls are also young and it takes a while to learn how to win in the playoffs. The Heat win this in six games.

The Western Conference is quite similar, actually. The Dallas Mavericks are older and more experienced than the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Thunder get the split in Dallas and look good. What do they do when they get home? Lay a golden goose egg on their home floor. That is called being young and inexperienced NBA fans. Dallas in six games! I am rooting for Dirk to win an NBA title.

Lord Stanley’s Cup

The Stanley Cup is going to have Vancouver for sure. Who they will play, I cannot predict. The Boston and Tampa series is a crazy one. If you love offensive hockey, that is a good series to watch with lots and lots of goals. Vancouver is the best team left and should hoist Lord Stanley in a couple of weeks.

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