Flint Children’s Museum celebrates $12K in Free Day sponsorships

FLINT – Hasting’s Mutual Charitable Foundation and Al Bourdeau Insurance Agency are committing $12,000 to the Flint Children’s Museum (FCM) to ensure that all of children and families in the community have access to safe, fun, and meaningful play at the Flint Children’s Museum.

Thanks to their commitment, one Sunday in the months of December, January, March, May, July, and October, the Flint Children’s Museum will be open free to the public.

The sponsorship comes as the result of partnership and initiative to ensure child directed play and exploration are a priority for the youngest learners, as well as effort to support and encourage economic growth. “While playtime is reduced in school and other early childhood environments, the Flint Children’s Museum embraces and promotes play, and (we) are working to make sure that at least one day each month, families have access to our playful exhibits for free,” said Kimberly Roddy, museum executive director.

In a statement regarding their support of the Flint Children’s Museum, Robert H. Bourdeau, vice president of Al Bourdeau Insurance, said, “The Flint Children’s Museum is one of those important organizations that add depth to the city. With a spark of brilliance, almost 40 years ago, the FCM was lovingly founded and has been a wonderful Flint destination for children and their families ever since.

“Children’s Museums are vital to growing cities nationwide, and Flint has one. It needs and deserves our support. I financially support the FCM both personally and through my business. I was extraordinarily excited when the board of directors at the Hastings Mutual Charitable Foundation contacted me to share the news that our matching grant application for support was approved. They get it. We’re a proud agent of Hastings Mutual Insurance Company and we’re even prouder to be honored with this gift of matching funds from their foundation in support of the FCM.”

The Flint Children’s Museum is a non-profit organization. The museum is located at 1602 University Ave.

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