Flint Institute of Arts opens new exhibition season

— The Flint Institute of Arts opens the new season Sept. 12 with the exhibition Unbroken Ties: Dialogues in Cuban Art presenting the works of artists who have remained in Cuba, side by side with those who left the island as children or in mid-career. Together they portray a complex portrait of the Cuban experience — the Cuba remembered and the Cuba imagined.

Organized by the Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale, the exhibition of more than 50 works includes: paintings, sculpture, photography and mixed media. Most of the images represented in this exhibit are by artists who developed their art within the framework of the Cuban revolution and these images provide stunning contrasts between the island as tropical paradise and the reality of its tragic and often violent past. Whether the artist lives in exile or remains in Cuba, the common denominator is the island itself.

The Cuban identity is rooted in its mixed racial composition, religious ideology and political history and when seen through the lens of the artist, provides unlimited subject matter. The exhibition is divided into three parts: Paradise Lost, Risking Life and Limb, and Unbroken Ties/New Reality. “Everything is here; from the idealism of the early revolution days, to the drama of the boat people and the pain of exile. From the nostalgia of those who left to the despair and hope of those who stayed,” said Jorge Santis, Curator of the exhibition.

As a prelude to the public opening, the Flint Institute of Arts will host Carnaval Cubano on Sept. 11 from 6-10 p.m. The evening will include a lecture by Jorge Santis, Curator of Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale, and a preview tour of the exhibit. A reception featuring Cuban cuisine and live entertainment will follow. The event is free for FIA members. Tickets for non-members are $50 and include a six-month Family Membership. Reservations are available for purchase online. As part of a community-wide initiative, Carnaval Cubano will begin the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. The exhibition will continue through Dec. 7.

The FIA is located at 1120 E. Kearsley Street in the Cultural Center Park located just off I-475 between UM-Flint and Mott Community College. For more information call 810-234-1695 or visit www.flintarts.org.

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