Flint receiving help from ‘neighbors’ nationwide

FLINT — Those dealing with Flint’s tainted water nightmare just received help from a couple of Dream Girls.

Virginia is a long way from Flint – about 800 miles, roughly — but when Claudine Ellis and Diondra Gray, both realtors with Dream Girls Real Estate, a Keller Williams office, heard about the situation, they wanted to lend a hand. Ellis began a water drive for the people of Flint and quickly found that everyone she met was willing to help. Some, she said, offered to write sizeable checks for relief, but Ellis insisted on sticking to water only.

Before it was all said and done, more than 3,500 cases of water had been collected. To put that in perspective, that’s more than 11,000 gallons of water – or as Ellis wrote in a press release about the water drive, enough water to supply 80 people for six months.

And, when it came time to talk logistics, Ellis found a willing partner in Stevens Worldwide Van Lines. Ellis said that Keller Williams and Stevens have had a long-standing partnership helping people relocate to new homes, and so it made perfect sense to team up with them to relocate the donated water to Flint – especially since Stevens Worldwide was founded and is headquartered in nearby Saginaw.

Ellis was contacted by Brian Hudgins, owner of The Other Moving Company, a Stevens Worldwide agency, and Hudgins agreed to donate a truck, driver and crew for the project.

Stevens vice president Morrie Stevens Jr. even came out to meet the truck personally when it arrived Monday at Brennan Senior Center, 1301 Pingree Avenue in Flint.

Deborah Holmes, director of the Brennan Senior Center, said that her organization has served 500 people a week – about a hundred a day — outfitting people with free water and water filters. She said the donation is greatly appreciated, as the need for clean water in Flint continues.

For information, call the center at 810- 766-7238.

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