Flint Township approves more future CBDG funds for police, senior center programs

FLINT TWP. — Flint Township will be setting more money aside for police, fire and senior center programs in preparation for the next Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) cycle.

At the Dec. 7 meeting, the Board of Trustees approved an increase in CDBG funds for the Flint Township Police Department, the Flint Township Fire Department and the Carman-Ainsworth Senior Center. The increases would be applied for the 2022-2024 CDBG cycle, covering crime prevention programs, fire safety programs and the senior center’s food pantry.

During the 2022-2024 CDBG cycle, the Flint Township Police Department will receive $3,000 per year, the Flint Township Fire Department will get $2,000 a year and the Carman-Ainsworth Senior Center will get $20,000 per year for its food pantry.

Originally, the township board was planning to allocate $2,140 per year for crime prevention programs and $16,048 per year for the senior center food pantry. Several board members proposed giving a boost in funding for the police and fire departments, along with the senior center, in hopes of providing for more public safety-oriented community events and keeping the senior center food pantry well-stocked with goods.

A large portion of the 2022-2024 CDBG funds will also go toward much needed road repairs in the township’s low to moderate income areas. Altogether, $233,071 was approved for future road improvements.

Roads that qualify for future CDBG funds include: Lavelle Road from Flushing to Mackin (mill and resurfacing); Lavelle Road from Mackin Road to Pasadena Avenue (milling and resurfacing); Mackin Road from Lavelle Road to Flint CTL (resurfacing); Graham Road from Corunna Road to Court Street (milling and resurfacing); Utley Road from Hogarth Avenue to Corunna Road (rehabilitation); Austin’s Parkway from Miller Road to Hogarth Avenue (rehabilitation); and River Valley and River Oak drives (drainage repairs).