Flint Township View

Flint Township Board keeps Planning Commission at nine members

FLINT TWP. — For now, the Flint Township Planning Commission will continue to field nine members.

At Monday’s meeting, the Flint Township Board of Trustees voted down a proposal that would have reduced the Planning Commission from nine members to seven members. Supervisor Karyn Miller, Trustee Barb Vert and Lisa Anderson supported the proposal to reconfigure the Planning Commission, while Trustees Carol Pfaff Dahl, Tom Klee and Debbe Campbell, along with Flint Township Clerk Kathy Funk, sided with keeping the Planning Commission as it is.

“I just don’t think at this point and time that we need to have a Planning Commission that’s larger than the township board,” said Supervisor Miller. “The Planning Commission works on allowing new builds, working on changing ordinances or the master plan. (But) the township board as a whole has a lot more duties to do and we have seven members.”

Pfaff Dahl, who has been the township board representative on the Planning Commission for four years, said that her committee needs nine members to have full representation from the community.

“Decisions are made from blueprint drawings that need expertise and more eyes to review the drawings,” she said. “More voices to need to be heard from the residents that live in the different areas from the township. Therefore, I believe nine members should remain on this committee.”

Following the vote, the township board reappointed Planning Commission Chairman Larry Ford and Pfaff Dahl to the Planning Commission for four-year terms. Current Planning Commission members John Gazall, Lou Fleury and Warren Marks also received term extensions. Gazall and Fleury will serve terms expiring in 2023, while Marks will serve a term expiring in 2022.

The other remaining Planning Commission members are Randy Kilbreath (term exp. 2022) and George Menoutes (term exp. 2021).

The commission also has two vacancies, following the recent resignations of Sonya Rubel and Ravi Warrier.