Flint Township hires new sewer/water clerk

FLINT TWP. — More than 800 delinquency notices were sent out recently for late sewer and water payments that missed the Jan. 15 due date, according to township supervisor Karyn Miller.

Now there is a clerk in place who will work with people on paying late bills. After much discussion, the township board voted six to one to fill one budgeted clerical position for a sewer/water clerk who will handle delinquencies.

The job was approved for posting at a special meeting in November.

“We would rather work with someone than cut their water off,’’ Miller said. “That is what this person will do.”

But it also is a floating position, with the clerk’s time divided between the sewer and water department and the building department.

Trustee Barb Vert asked what the clerk’s duties would be in the building department.

Miller said there is one clerk in building, down from two a few years ago.

When that person takes a break, is out to lunch or sick or on vacation, it leaves a big hole to fill.

Trustee Belenda Parker said a more specific job description is needed.

The new hire will serve as a backup in the building department with 75 percent of her duties in sewer and water, said Tracey Tucker, building department director. Duties range from handling permits to answering phones and filing.

Township Clerk Kim Courts added that job descriptions are intentionally left open so that clerical workers can be asked to do a variety of tasks with less room for complaint.

Miller said the sewer and water clerk position is new and that the job description can be fine-tuned once the worker’s daily duties become clearer.

Vert cast the sole no vote against the hiring and also voted against posting the position back in November. She did not state her reasons.

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