Flint Township man charged with child abuse

FLINT TWP. — A Flint Township man is facing the possibility of life in prison after being accused of child abuse.

Leonard Dortch, 23, was arrested by Flint Township police on Feb. 9 for allegedly beating and burning his girlfriend’s two-year-old daughter. Dortch has been charged with one count of first-degree child abuse and one count of torture, which is punishable by up to life in prison if he is convicted.

Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton said that authorities were first notified about the alleged abuse by a social worker at Hurley Medical Center. The social worker told Flint Township police that a young girl had been brought to Hurley by her mother after the child had sustained burns on her body.

In addition to treating the burns on the girl’s face, lips and groin area, physicians discovered that she had several other injuries, including a fractured left wrist, a collapsed left lung and a brain bleed.

“Flint Township PD’s investigation determined that the mother had gone to work, and that the child was left in the care of Mr. Dortch,” Leyton said. “During that time, we believe the child suffered the burns.”

Leyton said that physicians at Hurley also concluded that the child’s injuries were consistent with abuse and that her burns were likely caused by some form of hot liquid.

“Mr. Dortch said that he had left a hairdryer running while he was stirring food at the stovetop and that when he came back, the child had been burned by the hairdryer,” Leyton said. “Physicians at Hurley said that a hair dryer would not have made those types of burns on the child.”

Dortch was arraigned on Feb. 14 and remains in jail on a $150,000 cash surety bond.