Flint Township projected population stagnant growth

FLINT TWP. — Population projections for the year 2040 show little growth in Flint Township, according to information provided by David Arceo, who represents the township on the Genesee County Metropolitan Alliance.

Arceo also is a county road commissioner and former township road advisory board member.

In an update presented to the township board, Arceo provided data from the recently completed Genesee County 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan, prepared by the county Metropolitan Planning Commission.

The report actually projects a 0.8 percent population decline in Flint Township from 2010 to 2040.

From a base population in 2005 of 33,720 residents, the township’s population dropped below 32,000 by 2010 and is projected to continue a stagnant growth pattern topping out at 31,646 residents in the year 2040.

Population declines from 2010-40 also are projected for the cities of Flint and Davison and for Genesee Township, according to the report. But population increases are projected for the rest of the county. Mundy Township and the Village of Goodrich posted some of the largest projected population gains which are in the 30 percent range.

The data is used to develop strategies to meet short and long-range transportation needs in Genesee County and the ability of existing transportation systems to meet those needs.

Arceo stressed that the population projections are not etched in stone. The purpose is to provide a basis for future transportation planning.

“A lot of decisions are based on what it is we will be able to do now and how we will be able to do it,’’ he said.

Arceo also gave an update on fuel tax changes being considered by state legislators. He also provided a copies of new county maps.

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