Flint Township pursues special assessments for road improvements

FLINT TWP. — Flint Township is preparing to create special assessment districts to cover costs for essential road repair projects in 2020 and 2021.

At its Sept. 21 meeting, the Flint Township Board of Trustees approved resolutions to establish special assessment districts in three designated road project areas, including: Linden Creek Parkway from Linden Road to Hewitt Drain; Exchange Drive and Commerce Road from Linden Road to Dye Road; and .8 miles of Marketplace Drive from Bristol Road northeast to the end of the road.

Public hearings for the special assessment proposals will be held at the next Flint Township Board of Trustees meeting on Oct. 5.

Officials with the township and Kraft Engineering have identified the Linden Creek Parkway project as a major priority, due to the road’s deteriorating condition and its importance to General Motors (GM) as a transit way for products.

“GM is having significant problems with the condition of that road (because) it’s damaging their equipment and causing them problems,” said Mike Pifer, a representative with Kraft Engineering. “We have no choice but to finish Linden Creek this year.”

Pifer said that while actual restoration of Linden Creek Parkway won’t begin until next spring, crews can get started with repaving the road and repairing catch basins, curbs and gutters this winter.

Tracey Tucker, Economic Enhancement director for the township, said that the project will cost $492,400, including construction, engineering and a 10 percent contingency. Parcel owners in the special assessment district would pay $300,300 of the cost, which translates to $37,537 per parcel over a 12-year period.

Parcel owners will have the option to pay a lump sum or pay off the special assessment with a moderate interest rate for 12 years.

Total costs for the Exchange Drive/Commerce Road project have been estimated at $795,889, with parcel owners paying $14,000 per parcel over a 12-year period. The Marketplace Drive restoration project is estimated to cost $549,955, with property owners paying $37,000 per parcel for 12 years.

The Exchange Drive/ Commerce Road and Marketplace Drive projects are slated to begin next spring.

The Flint Township Downtown Development Authority (DDA) will be funding around 25 percent of the cost for all three projects, while engineering costs will be covered by the Genesee County Road Commission. Altogether, the DDA has committed more than $750,000 for future road projects in the township.