Flint Township votes to end State of Emergency, reopen offices

FLINT TWP. — As Michigan’s Stay at Home order comes to an end, Flint Township is working to reopen its offices to the public in a safe manner.

On Monday, the Flint Township Board of Trustees approved a resolution to end its local State of Emergency on June 13 and reopen its administrative offices on June 15 at 8 a.m. The township board also approved a motion to recall laid-off employees so that its departments will be fully staffed once the offices reopen.

Flint Township Supervisor Karyn Miller said the township is implementing several cautionary measures to prevent any possible spread of COVID-19 in its building. For instance, only one customer will be allowed at a time in the township lobby, and residents will have to maintain a six-foot distance between each other and staff members.

Miller said that signs will be displayed inside the building to inform customers about the social distancing requirements. Stickers have also been taped to the lobby floor to mark six-foot distances, and a Plexiglas shield has been installed at the front counter.

At this time, the township will only be accepting cash payments inside the building. Customers will be instructed to leave checks in the township’s parking lot drop box or pay bills online.

Regarding face coverings, Miller said the township will be requesting for all customers to wear masks when they enter the building. Township employees have also been given masks and will be required to continue wiping down their desks each day before they go home.

With the reopening resolution in place, the township will be reviewing its plan to see if any measures need to be tweaked. One area of concern will be determining which staff members fall into essential employee and nonessential employee categories.

“On page three (of the resolution), non-essential employees are encouraged to work remotely and are not permitted at the township offices,” said Township Clerk Kathy Funk. “We don’t have a list of who the essential versus non-essential employees are, and we don’t have a breakdown between departments. I feel that we need to work a little harder on this and ask the different departments what they think and get some input.”

Prior to the next board of trustees meeting on June 15, township’s Personnel Policy Committee will be meeting to review the reopening policy and make any necessary changes.