Flint water problems are not those of the county



Since the city of Flint went to using water from the Flint River for consumers to use for drinking and sewer, there have been misgivings about safety.

Last week residents were advised not to drink the water after the strong scent of cleaning solution was found in the water treated at the Flint water plant.

The city is, of course, trying to stave off higher water costs from the city of Detroit, from where Genesee County also receives its water, until the completion of the Karegnondi Water Authority’s pipeline from Port Huron.

Over the past several days the Genesee County Water and Waste Services (WWS) office has received several phone calls from residents and our community customers, relaying concerns and inquiries regarding the origin of their drinking water, according to Genesee County Drain Commissioner Jeff Wright.

These calls come as there has been a large amount of attention being paid to City of Flint water customers, and the source and quality of their water supply.

In a statement issued last week, the Genesee County WWS would like to clarify there has been no change in the source or quality of the water being delivered to its customers. No retail Genesee County customers have received any drinking water from the City of Flint, and continue to receive water from the same source, Lake Huron via Detroit water and waste.

This will continue until the KWA Pipeline is completed in 2016, at which point customers will continue to receive Lake Huron Water through our own water supply system.

Wright has asked us to clarify where all the water comes from and where it goes: Genesee County supplies water to the following communities: Burton, Clayton Township, Clio, Davison Township, Flint Township, Flushing City, Flushing Township, Gaines Township, Genesee Township, Grand Blanc Township, Montrose City, Montrose Township, Mount Morris City, Mount Morris Township, Mundy Township, Richfield Township, Swartz Creek, Thetford Township, and Vienna Township.

If you live in one of the above communities, are a retail customer, and receive your bill directly from your municipality or from Genesee County, you are not receiving Flint River water. If your community is not listed above, but you do not live in the City of Flint, you most likely are on well water, or your community has its own water supply system — like the City of Davison.

If any Genesee County WWS customer has a question regarding their water service, please call our offices at 810-732-7870. ggould@mihomepaper.com

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