Flint’s own world healing program

FLINT TWP. — Conflict has existed since the beginning of recorded history. People have died fighting wars in the name of peace, which seems like an oxymoron to me. Prayers for peace and healing are a daily ritual all over the world.

The first formal announcement of a ‘World Healing Day’ was made by John Randolph Price on Jan. 1, 1984, as a guest speaker in an Austin, Texas church.

It was also called ‘World Peace Day’ and ‘World Instant of Cooperation.’ Whatever the term, or label, it was a world-wide non-denominational, nonpolitical grass root effort to unite people in a common bond of peace, love, understanding and forgiveness.

Word of this goodwill task force quickly spread, and on Dec. 31, 1986, people representing all major religious faiths from seventy-seven countries on seven continents were part of this moment of global cooperation. Computer analysis from sources worldwide estimated the number of participants to be more than 500 million.

They gathered in arenas, stadiums, city parks, churches, temples, ashrams, hotel ballrooms, capitol rotundas, forests, on mountains and beaches, and in private homes. Later that day, radio station WBAI in New York City carried a satellite hookup with the Soviet Union to celebrate the event.

The 4-hour special featured entertainment provided by artists from the East and West, and included greetings of peace and the reading of a Soviet child’s letter to President Reagan about the need to eliminate nuclear arms.

The citizens of the world saw the results … when the symbol of the Iron Curtain — the Berlin Wall — was turned into souvenirs, we were shown the power of the mind-link to dissolve old forms and structures. Now with great turmoil in our world, it is time once again for a massive outpouring of love and light into the collective consciousness.

On the 25th anniversary of ‘World Healing Day’ Dec. 31, 2010, people all around the world came together, at the same time, in one of the most comprehensive prayer activities in history — a planetary affirmation of peace.

Many will gather New Year’s Eve morning here in Genesee County at 6:45 a.m. to affirm together peace, love, harmony and healing.

For more than 10 years the Life Enrichment Center has been located at 2512 S. Dye Rd. — G.G.

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