Flushing business gets snowplowing contract

FLINT TWP. — Michigan DPW of Flushing is now officially the snowplowing contractor for six township properties.

The township board on Monday awarded a one-year contract to DPW which was the sole bidder to submit correctly during a bid solicitation period begun in late December.

That is when township officials discovered that its previous contractor had retired.

In the interim, DPW was hired to provide snowplowing services at the township hall, the police station, three fire stations and the senior citizens center.

Part of the bid process required all interested bidders to attend a mandatory walk-through at the township police department which is a 24-hour facility with specific snow removal needs.

DPW was one of two bidders who complied with the walk-through, said township clerk Kim Courts. DPW was the only company to comply with all bid requirements, she said.

She also noted that the bid process was delayed because the walk-through had to be rescheduled as a result of the severe Jan. 6 snowstorm when township offices were closed.

The bid form quotes separate prices for each facility based on the amount of snow. For example, the cost of removing two inches of snow totals $380 for all six facilities.. The cost rises to $560 for more than six inches of snow and higher still in blizzard conditions when a bulldozer and dump truck are brought in.

DPW’s services include salting, as needed for an additional stated cost.

The term of the contract is Jan. 22 through Dec. 31.

Trustee Barb Vert commented that she hoped the township would not wait until after the snow falls next winter to put a snowplowing contract in place.

DPW has already won the praises of folks at the senior citizens center.

Speaking during public comment, Pam Luna said DPW has done an excellent job since taking over the work.

“It (snowplowing) is always taken care of before we get there in the morning and he even comes back (if needed),’’ she said. So far there has been no slip and fall issues at the senior center as there have been in previous years, she said.

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