Flushing School Board honors spelling bee winners

Ninth Grade district spelling bee winner Kati McLincha Photos by Ben Gagnon

Ninth Grade district spelling bee winner Kati McLincha Photos by Ben Gagnon

FLUSHING — The Flushing Board of Education honored several of the district’s 2021 spelling bee winners at its most recent meeting on April 13. A district-wide spelling bee took place at the William H. Tunnicliff Auditorium on Feb. 24, with competitions held for grades 4, 5 and 6. Each of Flushing’s four elementary schools had first and second place winners participate at every grade level. Flushing High School and Flushing Middle School also held their spelling bees on Feb. 24.

The winners were as follows:

4th Grade: Aiden Graham (Springview, first place); Lilah Hudkins (Central, second place); Jasmine Shamma (Seymour, third place).

5th Grade: Maxwell Lane (Springview, first place); Remington Thompson (Elms, second place); Kyle Morse (Seymour, third place).

6th Grade: Logan Pike (Seymour, first place); Dominic Aviles (Elms, second place); Leah Rivard (Central, third place).

7th Grade: Aaron Pierce (first place); Emerson Bodzick (second place); Charlotte Weaver (third place).

Eighth Grade district spelling bee winner Molly McNamara

Eighth Grade district spelling bee winner Molly McNamara

8th Grade: Molly McNamara (first place); Jaiden Nyhof (second place); Leo Stravato (third place).

9th Grade: Kati McLincha (first place); Lily Ethington (second place).

10th Grade: Alexander Lang (first place); Bethsaida Bock (second place); Eli Richey (third place).

11th Grade: Jerrall Barnett (first place).

12th Grade: Michael Benko (first place); Hannah Fisher (second place); Colton Baker (third place).

The first and second place winners at each grade level were then eligible to participate in the Genesee County Regional Spelling Bee in March. Flushing had six winners, including: Maxwell Lang (fifth grade, first place); Emerson Bodzick (seventh grade, second place); Alexander Lang (10th grade, second place); Lilah Hudkins (fourth grade, third place); Molly McNamara (eighth grade, third place); and Jerrall Barnett (11th grade, third place).

The Championship Spelling Bee for grades 5-12 was held on March 22, and Flushing had two winners: Emerson Bodzick (seventh grade, second place) and Alexander Lang (10th grade, third place).

To see photos of more Flushing spelling bee winners who were honored at the school board meeting, visit the Flushing View Facebook page. — B.G.