Flushing Township approves road projects for 2021

FLUSHING TWP. — Flushing Township has given the go-ahead for several resurfacing projects on township roads this summer.

At its Feb. 11 meeting, the Flushing Township Board of Trustees approved the following projects for 2021: Stanley Road (McKinley Road to Elms Road just west of Johnson Road); Stanley (Elms Road west of Johnson Road); Coldwater Road (M-13 to Duffield Road); Carpenter Road (M-13 to Duffield Road); and Duffield Road (Stanley Road to Mt. Morris Road).

Supervisor Fred Thorsby said that two of the projects will involve limestone resurfacing on gravel road stretches on Coldwater and Carpenter roads. Meanwhile, the repaving projects on Stanley road will entail asphalt cap treatment from McKinley to Elms and address fog seal/chip seal operations for the Elms Road stretch west of Johnson Road.

Duffield Road from Stanley to Mt. Morris roads, which is a gravel road stretch, will receive an application of Perma-zyne to help improve the road surface.

“Perma-zyne is a chemical compound that helps to bind the stones together better on gravel roads and make them more compact,” Thorsby said. “Once we mix it into the gravel, it will help to cut down on dust from chloride treatments in the summer and cut down on the grading that the Genesee County Road Commission has to do.”

Thorsby said that the Genesee County Road Commission typically handles gravel road projects in June and paving projects in July or August when the weather turns warmer.

Entering 2021, Flushing Township officials anticipated that they would have to cut road funding for the year, due to a projected shortfall in state shared revenues. But when state revenues came in higher than expected for 2021, the township was able to add $225,000 back into its road budget and approve the resurfacing projects for Stanley, Coldwater, Carpenter and Duffield roads.

The township’s overall road budget for 2021 is approximately $375,000.

In addition to the resurfacing projects, repaving work is expected to begin at the Meadowbrook Park subdivision in July or August. This project is being paid through a special assessment on homeowners living in the subdivision.