Flushing Township releases fall leaf pick-up schedule

FLUSHING TWP. — Flushing Township has released its fall leaf-up pickup schedule for subdivisions and neighborhoods.

Emterra, the township’s waste collection provider, will be starting with leaf collections on Nov. 2 in Zone 2, which includes the Apple Hill Estates, Wesley Drive, Jaclyn Ann, Jamie Lynn Drive, Woodridge Drive and Brentwood Farms. Emterra will stay in Zone 2 the entire week to vacuum leaves.

On Nov. 9, Emterra will start working in Zone 1, which includes the Ponderosa subdivision, Granrich Estates and Twin Oaks. Emterra will stay in Zone 1 until Nov. 13.

On Nov. 16, Emterra will return to Zone 2, then resume leaf collections on Nov. 23 back in Zone 1. They will stay in those zones the entire week.

Flushing Township Supervisor Fred Thorsby said that Emterra and the township are working hard to fulfill the leaf and yard waste collection needs of residents this fall.

“Last year seemed to go pretty well, and we had fewer complaints than in any of the previous seasons,” he said. “Emterra has invested in some new equipment, so we will once again have two vacuums operating and they have a backup machine in case one breaks down.”

Thorsby said that residents should avoid sweeping leaves into the street, as leaf build-up can clog storm drains and cause other serious problems.

“In addition, rake your leaves the weekend before Emterra arrives in your zone,” he said. “It does no good to rake them to the curb now, then wait until November to them pick up. Also, don’t go out behind the vacuum truck and rake more leaves, they will probably not be back for a couple weeks.”

If resident want to rake up their leaves ahead of time, they are advised to bag them. Emterra will pick up leaves with yard waste on Mondays. — B.G.