Fool me once…

The old adage of “fool me once, shame on you… fool me twice, shame on me” is a very appropriate caution as Michigan now struggles to (re)open up shop, and put together some type of new normal, while the virus still silently lurks among us.

This country was, in effect, “back doored” by late, flawed, misunderstood (likely even withheld) information, and lost that precious time in reacting to what is now labeled a pandemic, SHAME ON “THEM”.

However, there is no mystery now. This stuff is not only virulent, highly contagious and lethal to many, but we have no vaccine or specific treatment for it. We all were going about our normal lives while the first U.S. case was diagnosed in a traveler returning from Wuhan China to Washington state in late January and began its insidious distribution to virtually every county in the country within a month. If that same distribution happens again ( the only thing stopping it is you), SHAME ON US…..

This governor was very aggressive in her response in Michigan, she really had little choice. With the Detroit area quickly headed to be the third largest “victim” in the country behind NY and NJ, she needed to act immediately.

Plus, she could not react “differently” to just one city, the repercussion of that would have been larger than the virus and diluted the effort. The reaction necessary for Detroit may have seemed harsh when applied to much of the State, but there’s no denying that it was effective. Detroit registered no more than 20 cases in each of the last several days.

So, it’s really up to us now to learn from what happened and recognize how to at least minimize the way this virus is spread and how it affects the most vulnerable. You also now know how the government will deal with a second wave. A second wave would literally ruin what is now left of a seriously sputtering Michigan economy, for years, and change your life.

It’s going to be difficult because, for example, of the 420,000 people in Genesee county, about 418,000 of them were completely untouched by the virus itself. It clearly only takes a small amount of those who haven’t learned, to trigger a second wave. — Bud Meyers, Grand Blanc Township