Former Flint brothers sponsored water giveaway

FLINT TWP. — On Friday, March 11, Flint natives and brothers Philip and Saso Pirkovic hosted a free bottled water distribution at Capitol Coney Island, 4021 Van Slyke Road.

The Pirkovic brothers were both born, raised, and educated in Flint. But in January 2015, both brothers quit their jobs, packed their bags, and booked a one-way ticket to San Francisco. They had never visited there before, didn’t have jobs lined up, and only had a couch to share for two months, according to a press release.

They made it work though,” because that’s what people from Flint do.” They currently reside in San Francisco working in advertising but said their hearts remain in Flint.

So with the help of their Silicon Valley associates and friends, the Pirkovic brothers were able to raise enough money to purchase over 1,500 cases of water, which is roughly 55,000 bottles of water.

“Flint needs us, now more than ever.” said Philip. While the Flint Water Crisis is gaining national attention, the solutions to get clean water to Flint have just begun. To help, the brothers created and called on everyone in the Bay area to support the cause.

“We built a website, where people can learn about what happened in Flint, as well as donate money. We wanted people in San Francisco to become aware of what was happening in Flint” said Saso.

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