Former Gaines Twp. trustee returns as code enforcement officer

GAINES TWP. — Former Trustee Matt Moros will resume code enforcement duties for Gaines Township.

Moros previously served as a code enforcement officer but had to resign after being elected to the Board of Trustees in 2016. Moros did not seek re-election in November.

With the recent reduction in patrol hours, police Chief Mark Schmitzer said a designated code enforcement officer will be needed come springtime.

Currently, one of the police officers does double-duty handling code enforcement and patrols. However, Schmitzer said, he needs more of that officer’s time to be dedicated to police work. The officer will continue to enforce the blight ordinance, he said.

Moros will enforce the township’s tall grass and noxious weed ordinance, and perform rental inspections in the Village of Gaines. The village will reimburse the township for the cost of Moros’ services, Schmitzer said.

Moros also will pitch in when extra hands are needed to execute search warrants related to his specified duties, the chief said.

Moros’ compensation will come from the Code Enforcement line in the township budget.