Four in the running for two trustees’ seats in Davison Township

Matthew D. Karr

Matthew D. Karr

DAVISON TWP. — Incumbent Matthew Karr is seeking reelection to his trustee position on the board, while residents Mo Aboneaaj, Lori Tallman and David Humphrey also vie for Karr’s seat and another open seat in the Nov. 3 election.

Karr and Tallman, Republicans, and Aboneaaj and Humphrey, Democrats, are all seeking two, 4-year trustee seats on the board.

Trustee Travis Howell did not seek reelection, but instead ran in the primary for clerk and lost.

Here is what the candidates had to say:

Matthew D. Karr, Age: 51

Education: Davison High School Graduate (1987), bachelor’s degree from Central Michigan University (1991), and Juris Doctorate Degree-Cum Laude from Detroit College of Law (1995).

Accomplishments: My time as board member has allowed me the opportunity to play a pivotal part in the progress Davison Township has made over the years. I’m currently the longest standing member on the board have played a major role in the development of this community. During my elected tenure I have always maintained a balanced budget, retained a fund reserve, and helped keep our township debt free. I played a part in the creation and expansion of our parks and recreation department, maintained controlled growth in our area, helped bring new business to Davison, and I’ve been a huge advocate for our excellent police department.

Mo Aboneaaj

Mo Aboneaaj

Tell us what your goals are for the community if elected? I would like to continue accomplishing the goals and visions that our residents have in mind. Davison Township is an incredible place to live and work and it’s extremely important that we retain qualified and experienced leadership. My goal is is to continue to keep this township debt free, keep taxes low, maintain our excellent police and fire services, keep our park system as one of the premiere spots for recreational activity, and continue our preventative maintenance program in regards to our sewer and water systems to avoid any potential issues in the future.

Lori Tallman

Lori Tallman

Mo Aboneaaj, Age: 45

Education: Graduate of Kearsley High School, graduate of UM-Flint 1998, Bachelor of Business Administration, major in Marketing & Operations Management; and a Dale Carnegie course on Effective Communication and Human Relations.

Accomplishments: I believe in hard work. And my record will indicate that my efforts have proven valuable to my employers, and my family. My entire career has been spent performing above expectations so that I can provide opportunities for my family and competitive excellence for the people and companies that have put their trust in me. I’ve been fortunate to be employed by and have gained experience from the best businesses in Mid-Michigan: General Motors, Coca Cola Bottling Co., and Dort Financial. My time at Dort has given me the chance to understand growth issues and opportunities and to help people of Davison Township and surrounding communities find the financial resources to realize their dreams of opening up their own businesses, owning a home, or buying a car they need for transportation.

Tell us what your goals are for the community if elected? I think Davison Township leaders need to try harder and find more programs to engage our taxpayers and voters. My goal is to establish protocols to involve people through live streaming of board meetings, chat rooms, bulletin boards, and video conference meetings on important issues. We need more public input to guide our decision-making processes. I also want the trustees to begin to take a serious look at issues of taxation and growth. We need to attract more businesses to Davison to spread the tax burden and deliver the services our residents want in our community. I think we can work together to make certain we have good roads, fire, police, and emergency services, and the financial resources to sustain those operations without financially hurting consumers or homeowners.

I have not had privileges. I was raised by a single mother who had almost no money. Put myself through college while working. I know accomplishment requires determination. I am detailed. I am relentless. Put me to work for our community.

Lori A. Tallman, Age: 56

Education: Thomas M. Cooley Law School, Juris Doctor; 1990 Cum Laude, Top Ten University of Michigan-Flint, Bachelor of Applied Science, 1987; Mott Community College, Associate of Applied Science, 1984 High Honors; and Davison High School 1982

Accomplishments: Attorney in private practice 30 years, 20 years located in Davison Township; Davison Educational Foundation Board 1997-present, Vice-Chairperson 2018-present; Davison Area Chamber of Commerce Member 1999-present, Board of Directors 1990-1996; DCER Davison Community Enrichment and Education Instructor 2015-present; Davison Area Senior Center — Ask A Lawyer 2014-present; Community Foundation of Greater Flint Board of Trustees 2008-2016; Davison Community Fund Advisory Committee 2005-2016, Chairperson 2010-2012

Genesee County Specialty/Drug Court Foundation Board 2011-2015; Miss Davison 1981; numerous other boards and organization involvement in Davison area and a Davison Township resident 42 years

Tell us what your goals are for the community if elected? As Davison Township Trustee I will bring a fresh perspective and broad background of valuable knowledge and skills to benefit the future of Davison Township. With the open Trustee seat and retirement of the Clerk it is extremely important to elect and retain experienced individuals on the Township Board. My goal is to use my legal background, extensive board of director experience and leadership skills, as well as a long history of dedicated service to the Davison Community, to provide a seamless transition in governance and continue moving the Township forward on a positive path.

While the Township is in an excellent position and performing well overall, there is always room for continued improvement. One goal includes improving communication with residents and businesses through technology, updates to the Township website, and encouraging an open line of communication and feedback. As someone who works and resides full-time in the Township, that allows me to be accessible and in constant contact with Township residents and business owners.

Other goals include utilizing the critical thinking and problem-solving skills I have developed as an attorney to ensure fiscal responsibility following the pandemic and to promote strategic and planned growth and business development in the Township. I have an excellent relationship with the leaders of the City and Richfield Township, as well as other community leaders, which I will use to cohesively improve shared resources and further grow our community as a whole. I will also ensure long term maintenance and upgrades of infrastructure as well as growing our parks and recreation amenities. As a business owner and life-long Davison area resident, being elected Township Trustee would allow me to continue to give back, serve and enhance the community for others.

Dave Humphrey: Did not respond to our questionnaire.

The Genesee County View will run more candidate profiles next week for the various races throughout the county.