Four vie for three seats on Bendle Board of Education



BURTON — Incumbents Deborah Dunsmore, Rod Winter and Bard Scott face competition for their 6-year-seats on the Bendle Board of Education from challenger John Stanke in the Nov. 3 general election.

This is what the candidates had to say:

Deborah S. Dunsmore, Age: 68

Education: 1970 Graduate of Bendle High School

Accomplishments: Big Sister of Big Brother/Big Sister Organization

Volunteer in Bendle Community since graduation in 1970

Provided a weeklong youth camp for intercity kids from Chicago

Received Board certification from the MASB

Served on the Bendle School Board for 10 years

Provide food for families in the Bendle district for 19 years

Started youth football at Bendle in 1990-1991, retiring after 29 years in November

Nominated for Breakfast of Champions for Volunteering

Received the Jack A. Hamady Good Scout Award from the State of Michigan in 2012

Received the Burton Rotary Award in 2012

Received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Bendle Community in 2019

Currently help give out and deliver 2 times a week to all our students (7 breakfast/7 lunches)

Tell us what your goals are for the community if elected? I will always be a spokesperson for the families and students in our district and help provide a safe place for our students to get their education. Always help in the community wherever is needed. I have a deep passion for our community as we are very unique. We are a small but are very close. We provide many things that make our district successful. We are definitely a community that cares about our kids. I take my position on the board very seriously. I always consider all the options before making a decision.

I hope to represent you on our Bendle School Board once again.

Rod Winters, Age: 63

Education: 3/4 credits toward an associate degree.

Accomplishments: Retired sergeant from the Department of Corrections, worked and help set up the Youthful offenders program for 13 to 20 year olds at Thumb Correctional Facility, volunteer at Bendle elementary schools for 15 years and a Bendle school board trustee the last six years.

Tell us what your goals are for the community if elected? My goal for the kids at Bendle is providing the best education possible by working with the educators and parents and providing a safe environment in the schools.

Bard N. Scott: Did not respond to our questionnaire.

John Stanke: Declined our questionnaire.