Franchise customers to see increase in water rates

FLINT TWP. — Township residents who receive water from the City of Flint will see an increase in their water bills after the Township Board of Trustees approved the increase at its Jan. 10 meeting.

The new rate increase affects 46 township residents who live on “borderline roads” between the township and City of Flint said Jeff Wright, Genesee County Drain Commissioner who was present at the meeting.

“The City of Flint raised its rates 25 percent to its customers, and Flint Township has people serviced by City of Flint. This would be only passing on the rate increase,” he said. “The township does the collection for the City of Flint. If you don’t pass this on, you will pay for it out of reserves; Flint will bill the township for the rate increase.”

According to a letter from John O’Brien, director of the Division of Water and Waste Services, an example of a 5/8-inch meter using 700-cubic-feet of water, shall be charged with a Ready To Serve (RTS) charge of $21.39 and $51.87 Commodity charge from Flint, along with a $1.00 RTS and $.70 Commodity, for a total of $74.96. Trustee Frank Kasle pointed out the charge by the county, asking Wright what it was for. Wright said he “was not aware of it and would look into it.”

The information raised by Kasle comes from the letter from O’Brien where it says “The County will add $1.00 per month to the account of the City of Flint bills the franchise customers for each 5/8-inch meter equivalence plus $0.10 per each 100 cubic feet of volume used.”

After several board members raised concern, Wright recommended passing the increase and letting him figure out the county’s charge for franchise customers. The board’s unanimous motion approved the rate increase, but sat aside the county’s administrative portion.

Along with the water rates, the board decided to postpone approval of a resolution for maintenance and/or repair of the Burroughs Drain #0008 due to estimated figures for cost not being available for board members to review.

Wright, who also spoke on the subject, said there are several issues with the Burroughs Drain, located south of Corunna Rd. and particularly the corner of Graham and Beveridge Rds. “The drainage system south of Corunna Rd. was put in during the 20s and 30s, and is undersized,” he said.

Wright said the Drain Commission can spend $2,500 a year on maintenance but that the project would be more than $2,500 a year, which prompted the resolution to exceed the yearly allowed amount.

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