From ‘grief to hope’

Woman turns sorrow over son’s suicide into book to help others

Davison author Sally Grablick and the cover of her book “The Reason: Help and Hope for Those Who Grieve”

Davison author Sally Grablick and the cover of her book “The Reason: Help and Hope for Those Who Grieve”

DAVISON — Trying to cope with the grief she felt after the death of her son nine years ago, Sally Grablick turned to reading books on the subject of loss.

When she didn’t find the answers she was looking for, Grablick worked through her own grief issues, then set to work on a book to help others.

The result of more than four years of work is Grablick’s book “The Reason: Help and Hope for Those Who Grieve” an account of how she formulated a plan of recovery after the suicide of her 19-year-old son.

“I wrote the book I couldn’t find,” she said. “Like it or not, grief is a life experience. We all have to go through it.”

Grablick’s own grief started in 2002 when her son, Ryan Wecker, a 2001 Davison High School graduate, committed suicide. She said the pain she felt over the loss was so bad there were days she could barely get out of bed.

She set out to try and find the help she needed to bring herself out of what she describes as “Hell” but after reading hundreds of books on the subject of grief — covering all aspects from medical to spiritual — she was still unsatisfied.



The website for her book is the story of

“lessons learned, tools used and insights gained while navigating the way through grief to hope.”

Grablick said one such tool relies on a person’s ability to cultivate openness to the presence of their loved one’s spirit.

“The ability to recognize signs and receive messages — both spoken and silent — are gracefully woven together, forming the bigger picture that can bring closure and peace,” she said.

She said she has felt the presence of her late son many times and she believes he leaves her signs, which help guide and comfort her in the trying times she’s experienced since his death.

“The more miracles I’ve experienced, the more I felt like sharing,” said Grablick. “Other people I talked to spoke of spiritual contact, but they tend to keep these things to themselves.”

She said many grieving families are aching for intimate contact with those they have lost and she said she thinks they will find her book to offer empathy and comfort.

The book has four sections: defining the elements of grief, building a new foundation after loss, recognizing the signs and moving toward acceptance.

Each chapter, she said, also serves as a lesson learned, so someone can read a chapter, learn a lesson, and put it down for even months before picking it back up again, making it easy to get back into.

Through her battle with grief, Grablick said she has had the support of husband, Joe Grablick, and her daughter, Katie Wecker, of Farmington Hills.

“Nobody else could have put up with me,” she admits of her husband’s patience with her as she fought to cope with the loss of Ryan and the four years it took to organize, write, edit and publish “The Reason.”

The book has also gained the attention of organizations such as Compassionate Friends, a self-help bereavement group that helps people cope with the loss of a child, and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP).

Grablick said she will be conducting a workshop called “Grief 101: Cliff Notes for Beginners” the Compassionate Friends Conference in Minneapolis, July 15-17 and she will be speaking at the AFSP Out of the Darkness walk in Kensington Metro Park in the Rochester area Oct. 9.

“The Reason” is Grablick’s first book and is available on, and it can be ordered at most bookstores. She said she will hold a book signing May 20 from 6-8 p.m. at the Davison Country Club, 9512 E. Lippincott Blvd. It is also on her website at

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