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(This column is a reprint from 2009)

S itting here each week trying to come up with a topic for this column isn’t always easy. Sometimes an idea just pops into my head and I run with it, other times I ponder various thoughts and suggestions until that light bulb goes off over my head and I start typing.

Many times, especially when I’m tired or in a bad mood, ideas end up on the cutting room floor. These ideas are too sarcastic, too rude or just plain out there in left field for me to take them and run.

But I thought this week they’d make for a good laugh, or at least for a look inside my sometimes troubled mind.

Left or right: I’ve dabbled some in writing about national politics and I probably will again, but it is one of those things I really hate doing. Not that I don’t have opinions about what goes on outside Genesee County, but I’ve found that taking a political stance is akin to suicide in the world of community journalism. As journalists we are immediately tagged as liberals. I’ve met people from the getgo who assume right up front I am a far-left, tree-hugging, Bill Clinton-loving liberal. I tend to think of myself as more middle of the road, but any time I’ve taken a stance on an issue I’ve been either labeled a conservative or liberal, so I just give up. I’ll just try to stay away from politics here, though excuse me from time to time if I jump down off the fence and say a couple of words.

Watch your mouth: I grew up in a time where there was no such thing as political correctness. About the time I came into this business was when people starting becoming PC and there was a whole list of guidelines spelled out for writers on how to describe those people you write about. Whether it was about ethnicity, disabilities or gender equality, there is a label for everything. I hate labels (as I said in the previous entry) and I think political correctness sometimes goes so far overboard it draws more attention to what is different about a person than would be if we weren’t creating elaborate titles. I’ll stop there before I offend someone, but you’ll never see a column about being PC from me.

Boxers vs. Briefs: Underwear is inherently a bad subject to write about. You know no matter what, you’re going to upset someone with just the mention of boxers or briefs.

Things sure have changed since grade school when the number-one criteria for underwear selection was how easily the fabric would tear when you were given an atomic wedgie. These days there are so many options when choosing underwear, including texture, stretchiness and whether or not you want a comic book hero on the front. Yeah, this subject definitely will stay in the trash bin.

Stuff I forget: I have the onset of advanced Alzheimer’s Disease. I can’t walk out of the house every morning without forgetting something.

I was always losing stuff, so I got a briefcase to carry around, now I lose stuff inside the briefcase — which has also been referred to as my murse (man purse).

If I ever remember all the things I’ve forgotten, I’ll write about it here. Until then let’s just forget about it.

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