“Frost Law” weight restrictions are in effect

GENESEE COUNTY — The Genesee County Road Commission has announced Seasonal Weight Restrictions — so-called “Frost Laws” — are in effect on Genesee County roads.

This means that, with few exceptions, while these restrictions are in place, the maximum axle load allowable on concrete pavements or pavements with a concrete base are reduced by 25-percent from the normal maximum axle load, and the maximum axle loads allowable on all other types of roads during these months shall be reduced by 35- percent from the maximum axle loads as specified.

At this time of year, nightly freeze/thaw cycles and the effects of frost migration causes the ground beneath roads to become “honeycombed” and fragile, so that potholes can bloom overnight on heavily travelled paved roads and gravel roads can turn to mush.

To help minimize damage to roads during this vulnerable period, weight restrictions are imposed each spring by road commissions across the state.

A wealth of information about these “Frost Law” weight restrictions is available at our website ( www.gcrc.org) and from the County Road Association of Michigan at www.micountyroads.org. While GCRC monitors its roads closely, it welcomes calls from the public regarding severe gravel road problems or dangerous conditions such as large potholes. Motorists can report road issues to GCRC by calling 810-767-4920, sending an email to rslattery@gcrc.org or clicking on the “Report a Pothole” icon on its website, www.gcrc.org. — G.G.

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