FYT Drama School classes begin Sept. 14

— Flint Youth Theatre Drama School presents another series of dramatic arts classes for students age three through grade twelve. From creative dramatics to advanced scene study, young actors can develop their spirit, imagination and acting techniques as they gain valuable life skills of confidence, creative problemsolving, teamwork and personal responsibility.

In the Fall Term, students age three to grade four are exposed to the Creative Drama Curriculum, encouraging a uniquely personal creative response in each child. Creative play and process drama activities nurture imagination, selfexpression and confidence, while developing individual willingness to participate as a respectful and contributing member of a group. Students in grades five through twelve learn, and put into practice, the fundamentals of The Acting and Dramatic Arts curriculum, designed to help them develop as an individual artist and as an effective member of a creative ensemble. Most classes culminate in a demonstration for family and friends on the final day of class.

Each year, FYT Drama School provides students with opportunities to tell great stories, meet new people, develop confidence, learn how to present themselves and discover what it is like to act on stage. With small classes and one-on-one coaching, FYT’s professionally trained and educated faculty nurtures creative minds while teaching the practical skills of performing on stage.

FYT Drama School classes are offered in four sessions throughout the year: The Fall Term begins Sept.14, the Winter Term begins Jan. 11, the Spring Term begins March 29 and the Summer Term begins June 20. Students may register for a term at any time before the term begins. Financial need-based scholarship opportunities are available for each term through the Drama School Scholarship fund. A scholarship application may be obtained by calling Flint Youth Theatre at 810-237- 1530.

“FYT Drama School’s process-oriented approach to theatre education is founded on academic and applied research, such as the government commissioned report, The Champions Of Change: The Impact of
the Arts on Learning,”
said FYT Education Manager, Samuel J. Richardson. The report states, “Research shows that ongoing involvement in drama, music and dance engages the whole child — body, mind and spirit — and that success in the arts is a bridge to learning in other areas, particularly mathematics and reading. The arts promote the ability to generate ideas, to bring ideas to life and to communicate ideas effectively — all ingredients for success in school and the workplace. Research also shows that learning in the arts can help “level the playing field” for youngsters from disadvantaged circumstances.”

The Fall Term of Flint Youth Thetre Drama School begins Sept. 14. Class fees range from $40-95. Registration and information are available by calling 810-237-1530. Registrations are also accepted in person at FYT, 1220 E. Kearsley St., in the Flint Cultural Center. Complete class descriptions and registration forms are available at flintyouththeatre.

Natalie Blythe

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