Gas Savings Camper Storage Program reinstated

Campers can save money by storing their campers for free in the state-run program

Campers can save money by storing their campers for free in the state-run program

STATEWIDE — Memorial Day weekend typically kicks off the summer camping season, as temperatures become more stable ranging into the 60s through 80s. With gas prices continuing to gouge a big hole in consumers’ wallets, the Michigan state park and recreation officials are reinstating a free Gas Savings Camper Storage Program that ended in 2008.

Officials note that the program was so successful and well liked by park and recreation area visitors that it will continue at each of the participating Upper and Lower Peninsula units which can be searched at

Campers can save on fuel costs by temporarily storing their camping trailer or recreational vehicles, including boating trailers, at specified state parks or recreation areas in-between their camping stays. Storage of the camping units is free, but limited to 15 days per storage period.

“We know that fuel prices have come down, but Michigan residents still face many economic hardships. By continuing to offer this program we hope our campers will be able to “GO-Get Outdoors” as often as possible this summer to enjoy their favorite state park or recreation area campground. We hope the camper storage program will allow our visitors to participate in as many of the planned events (GO-Get Outdoors Calendar) taking place throughout the summer as possible,” said a state official.

Campers taking advantage of the program will need to show proof of a recent (within one week) camping stay at a Michigan state park or recreation area.


What items can be stored at the park?

The only items eligible to be stored are towed camping units, self propelled motor homes or boats on a boat trailer. Units being stored must be secured by locking all entry doors and the hitch must be disabled by a locking mechanism.

How long can items be stored?

Maximum allowable storage period is 15 days.

Is there a fee for this program?

No. The storage program is free of charge.

What happens if I cannot retrieve my unit on the 16th day?

Units left more than 15 days will be assessed a $4.00/day storage fee. Camp unit owner may also be denied the opportunity to store their camping unit in the future if the 15-day storage limit is exceeded. Camp units left beyond 30 days may be deemed “abandoned property” and submitted to state auction for disposal. Camper must contact the park if circumstances arise that will result in the camp unit being left more than 15 days.

Who is eligible for the storage program?

Camper must show proof (camp permit receipt or reservation confirmation number) of campground use at any Michigan State Park or Recreation Area within the seven days prior to the beginning of the storage period.

When is this service available?

May 15 to September 15 only. Note: Because of the success of the storage program, the original end date of September 15 has been changed to allow storage through the end of the camping season at each of the storage locations.

Who is liable for the safety and security of items stored?

Units are stored at the owners’ risk. The participant must sign a liability/conditions waiver agreement form at the time of equipment storage. — L.P.

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