GCCMH CEO earns national attention

GENESEE COUNTY — Danis Russell, CEO of Genesee County Community Mental Health, has been named as one of only five national Behavioral Healthcare Champions for 2012 by the Behavioral Healthcare Magazine.

Russell’s story is located in both their online and print editions. He will be honored at the Behavioral Healthcare Leadership Summit in Orlando, Florida on Sept. 28-Oct. 2.

According to the article:

“The five to be honored as Champions stand out among their peers – the CEOs and executive directors of community mental health and addiction treatment provider organizations – not only for their work, but for their participation in their professional communities and organizations.”

Some of the accomplishments by Russell in his tenure at GCCMH have been to make primary care available to GCCMH consumers, brought in a program for health and wellness to increase overall health in individuals receiving services at GCCMH, worked with local judges to create specialty courts (mental health court, juvenile mental health court, family drug court, and a court for maltreated infants and their families), began a mobile crisis intervention service and a sobering facility, and worked to qualify GCCMH as the first behavioral healthcare provider in Michigan to become a Federally Qualified Health Center. All of these initiatives are considered cutting edge, have cut costs, and have provided higher quality, necessary treatment in more appropriate settings.

“We couldn’t be more pleased to have Dan receive this recognition,” says William Winiarski, GCCMH’s Chairman of the Board. “We have always known that his leadership, vision, and ability to provide Genesee County with innovative and essential services were exemplary, and now everyone else knows it as well.”

Genesee County CMH provides services and supports to Genesee County residents who are adults and children with developmental disabilities, adults with serious mental illness, children with serious emotional disturbances, and adults and children with substance use disorders.

Details: Call 810 257-3705. — G.G.

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