GCDC announces no Rate Increase for Water/Sewer

GENESEE COUNTY — Genesee County Drain Commissioner’s Office, Division of Water and Waste Services (GCDC – WWS) has completed the rate review for 2020 and is pleased to report, for the 3rd consecutive year, there will be no rate increase to our local communities for water delivery. This 3rd consecutive yearly cycle of no rate increase is to a great extent a result of the GCDC-WWS water system, which has been operational since 2017.

“Operating our own water system, treating water at our newly built water treatment plant, and receiving our raw water from the Karegnondi Water Authority (KWA) pipeline has allowed us to keep costs in check and under control,” said Genesee County Drain Commissioner Jeff Wright. “I would also like to give tremendous credit to the dedicated employees at my office. The operational staff at the plant, as well as our operations and maintenance crews, do an outstanding job performing critical tasks with the utmost efficiency,” said Wright.

This continued rate stabilization is a stark contrast from the decades long, yearly rate hikes delivered by our previous water supplier (DWSD). Those on the Genesee County water system also benefit from the increased reliability brought by the newly built plant and water line.

In addition to no rate increase relating to our water system, GCDC-WWS is also announcing no increase in sewer charges to local communities. This is the 7th consecutive year no rate increase has been issued for sewer services by the Genesee County Drain Commissioner’s Office. This despite a robust maintenance program, which has lessened significant sewage impacts across Genesee County. — P.S.