GCHD offering survey regarding community health

GENESEE COUNTY — Genesee County residents can participate in a survey about their own health and the health of their community.

The survey, called the Speak to Your Health! Community Survey, is sponsored by the Genesee County Health Department and several community partners. This is the ninth time the survey is being conducted, working toward an “aware, empowered, and healthy community.”

Due to the current global pandemic, this year’s survey is being conducted entirely online. In an effort to increase accessibility, the online survey is also mobile friendly.

Additionally, the survey is available in both English and Spanish at www.gchd.us/speak/. All Genesee County residents ages 18 years and older are encouraged to complete the survey. Results of the survey are available to all Genesee County residents and are analyzed by gender, race, age, and over time.

Results are also mapped geographically to determine trends by neighborhood, zip code, and county. Survey results have been used for health program planning and evaluation, grant proposals, community education, and policy development.

Survey topics include physical and mental health, neighborhood safety, physical activity, nutrition, health care access, cancer, diabetes, sexual health, smoking, and water quality. This year, recognizing that Flint and Genesee County residents are facing extra challenges due to the pandemic, questions regarding the effects of COVID-19 have also been included.

To obtain previous survey results, email speak.data@gchd.us.

Do you run a local community organization? The GCHD invites you to share this information with those you serve to help ensure the voices of all Genesee County residents are heard. They encourage every Genesee County resident 18 years or older to take the time to Speak to Your Health!

Details: Visit www.gchd.us/speak.G.G.