GCRC announces upcoming 2021 construction projects

GENESEE COUNTY — The Genesee County Road Commission has announced a busy construction season over the coming months.

The following are upcoming construction projects that are expected to get started in the near future:

Meadowbrook Park Subdivision – Flushing Township, approximately July 7-23

Taft Road (Linden Road to TA Mansour Boulevard) – Flint Township, approximately July 14-31

Lincor Parkway (Corunna Road to south end) Flint Township, approximately July 31-Aug. 26

TA Mansour Boulevard (Corunna Road to Taft Road) Flint Township, approximately Aug 26-Sept. 23

Nerredia Street (Lennon Road to 550-feet north of Lennon Road) Flint Township, approximately Sept. 8–23

Grand Blanc Road (Dort Highway to Grand Blanc City Limits) Grand Blanc Township, approximately mid-July-mid-November

Traffic will be detoured. Pathway will be maintained with possible alternate routes.

Gale Road (Green Road to McCandlish Road) Atlas Township, approximately mid-July- October. Traffic will be detoured.

Bristol Road Bridge (over West Branch of the Swartz Creek) Flint Township, approximately mid-July-November. Traffic will be maintained with one thru lane in each direction.

Ballenger Highway Safety Improvements (Miller Road to Flint City Limits) Flint Township, approximately mid-July-mid September. Traffic will be maintained with one thru lane in each direction.

Belsay Road Bridge (over Thread Creek, Grand Blanc Township) approximately mid-July-October. Traffic will be detoured.

These projects do not currently have confirmed start dates, and the date ranges shown are for public informational purposes only at this time. More information will be available once the schedules for each of these projects are finalized. — G.G.