GDL millage renewal will be on Aug. ballot

GENESEE COUNTY — The Genesee District Library (GDL) is seeking a millage renewal from voters on August 2.

The millage renewal rate is .9981 mills, which costs taxpayers approximately $1 per $1,000 of taxable value. In other words, a home with taxable value of $50,000 will pay approximately $50 in taxes a year to support the library, according to a press release.

The duration of this millage renewal is 10 years and covers GDL’s service area, which is all of Genesee County except the City of Flint, which is served by Flint Public Library. GDL has two sites in Flint Township. One is located in the Sears wing at Genesee Valley Center shopping mall and the other is adjacent to the Senior Citizens Center on Graham Road.

“Library services are critical to our community,” said David Conklin, Director of the Genesee District Library. “In 2015, 1,141,492 people visited our 19 branches in person, and we had 490,983 virtual visits.”

The Genesee District Library is primarily funded through local millage. The rest is through gifts, fines, state aid, penal fines and grants.

“Taxpayers really get a bang for their buck at the GDL,” said Eileen Button, Community Relations Manager at the Genesee District Library. “With a library card they have access to millions of items including ebooks, emusic and emagazines, 579,000 books, 125,000 DVD and Bluray titles, computer use and Wi-Fi access, computer and career training, and 900 free programs such as concerts, yoga and story times.”

According to Conklin, the library is a good investment for taxpayers. For every $1 the library receives, it provides $5.61 in services.

“Our services provide a large savings for patrons and their families,” said Darwin McGuire, Manager of Technical Services at the Genesee District Library.

For questions about the millage call the Headquarters Administration Office at 810-732-5570.

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