Genesee County GOP welcomes new state executive leadership

FLINT — The Genesee County Republican Party has extended its congratulations to all newly elected members of the Michigan Republican Party Leadership Team.

A press release by the Genesee County GOP said online voting was held Feb. 6 and the following new state Republican leaders were elected:

Ron Weiser – MIGOP Chair Meshawn Maddock – MIGOP Co-Chair

Tami Carlone – Coalitions Vice Chair Ty Bundy – Outreach Vice Chair

Bernadette Smith – Ethnic Vice Chair Marian Sheridan – Grassroots Vice Chair

Diane Schindlbeck – Administrative Vice Chair Paul Stephens – Youth Vice Chair

Fred “Mac” Fortner, Chairman of the Genesee County Republican Party, expressed his support for all the newly elected state leaders.

“We are excited to get to work behind our new leadership, and we congratulate them all,” said Fortner. “Genesee County has seen a shift toward more conservative values over the past two elections, and our county party is looking forward to working with the state leadership to keep that trend moving in the right direction.”

For the first time in many years, Genesee County had a candidate on the ballot for one of the MIGOP state positions.

Dana Whitehead ran for Outreach Vice Chair, however, did not carry the necessary votes to win the position. During a runoff for that position, Whitehead put her endorsement behind the eventual winner, Ty Bundy.