Genesee County Health Department launches “SEX: We Get It” campaign

FLINT — The Genesee County Health Department (GCHD) recently launched a “SEX: We Get It” campaign, to encourage confidential Family Planning & Sexual Health services to teens and young adults living in and around Genesee County.

The GCHD Family Planning & Sexual Health Clinic is a trusted source for teens and young adults in Genesee County, giving them access to high quality reproductive and sexual health care at low or no cost.

Brad Snyder, Public Health Supervisor with GCHD’s Family Planning and Sexual Health Programs stated, “The goal of this campaign is to inform the youth in our community that there are confidential resources available and people to speak with that get it.”

GCHD launched its “Wear One” condom campaign back in 2017 to increase free condom availability, create awareness and promote acceptance of condom use. The goal of the campaign is to decrease STIs and unplanned pregnancies by removing barriers to condom use such as cost, embarrassment and lack of access. Since the programs’ launch, over 140,000 condoms have been distributed along with thousands of sexual health education pamphlets through the help of many community partners.

“We are thrilled to see how far the “Wear One” campaign has come and how much of an impact it’s having in our communities, but we know that there is still a lot of work to be done and that starts with developing trusting relationships with everyone that we serve,” said Snyder. “With the “SEX: We Get It” campaign, we are putting a fun and unique spin on reproductive and sexual health awareness for teens and young adults. By using images and terminology that will resonate with a younger audience, we feel that the message will be delivered in a way they will appreciate and remember.”

The “SEX: We Get It” campaign will include social media tactics as well as the distribution of branded materials promoting awareness and services available to teens and young adults.

GCHD provides the following confidential Sexual Health and Family Planning services:

Counseling & Education

Pregnancy Testing

Birth Control

Emergency Contraception

STI Testing & Treatment

HIV Testing & Treatment Referrals

PrEP for HIV

Health Insurance Enrollment

Due to current CDC recommendations for social distancing Sexual Health & Family Planning services will be available by appointment only. Telehealth appointments are also available for some services.

Appointments can be scheduled by calling 810-237-4538.

The Genesee County Health Department – Burton Branch is located at 3373 S. Saginaw St., Details: Visit