Genesee County Health Department to provide services and resources to sexually active youth

GENESEE COUNTY — The Genesee County Health Department (GCHD) and the Genesee County Free Medical Clinic (GCFMC) have a longstanding partnership that provides services and resources to sexually active youth in Genesee County.

The GCFMC saw a need for this partnership as their guidelines for assistance and resources are limited.

GCFMC provides residents who have no health insurance and who are ages 18-65, free physician consultations, health education, limited tests and referrals to specialists. There are no charges for services, including specialty care and tests by referral. GCFMC also has an on-site pharmacy, with prescribed medications provided at no charge.

Stacey Doyle, Executive Director of the Genesee County Family Medical Clinic stated, “We have a large number of sexually active teenagers who come to our clinic looking for testing and unfortunately we aren’t able to provide it to them because they are either under the age of 18, have health insurance or we don’t offer those tests.” She continued to add, “We refer those people to the Genesee County Health Department as they are able to see clients of all ages, financial backgrounds and provide a wider array of testing options.”

To increase sexual health access to those under the age of 18, GCHD provides free STI testing at the GCFMC every Wednesday morning from 8:30-11 a.m. Brad Snyder, Public Health Supervisor with GCHD’s Family Planning and Sexual Health Programs stated,

“Vulnerable populations, including teenagers and those who are uninsured, are particularly disadvantaged when it comes to receiving quality sexual health care. Additionally, transportation barriers exist for many, which can prevent access to the services at our location. Our partnership with GCFMC allows us to address these inequities by providing convenient free sexual health services to teenagers and those who cannot access services elsewhere.”

In September, the Genesee County Health Department launched a “SEX: We Get It” campaign to encourage confidential Family Planning and Sexual Health services to teens and young adults living in and around Genesee County. Their Family Planning & Sexual Health Clinic is a trusted source for teens and young adults in Genesee County, giving them access to high quality reproductive and sexual health services at low or no cost.

Brad Snyder stated, “The goal of this campaign is to inform the youth in our community that there are confidential resources available and people to speak with that get it and to do so in a way that provides images and terminology that will resonate with a younger audience.” Snyder continued by stating, “We are so proud of the relationship that we have with the Genesee County Free Medical Clinic and all of their efforts that they put forth for the residents of Genesee County. By working in collaboration to combine our individual resources, we will in turn provide better health outcomes for the residents of Genesee County.”

GCHD provides the following confidential Sexual Health and Family Planning services:

• Counseling & Education

• Pregnancy Testing

• Birth Control

• Emergency Contraception

• STI Testing & Treatment

• HIV Testing & Treatment Referrals

• PrEP for HIV

• Health Insurance Enrollment

A full list of services and more information can be found at

Details: Call 810-237-4538 or visit