Genesee County turns 175 with homage from Crossroads Village

BURTON — Genesee County is ready to commemorate a time before the area became famous for its “horseless carriages” and lumber was floated down the Flint River for processing at mills.

The county will celebrate its pre and post-Civil War era history in two upcoming weekends at Crossroads Village and Huckleberry Railroad.

“A lot of places are cutting activities so we figured we have a celebration,” said Garry Pringle, Crossroads Village Manager.

The village itself sits on acreage once known as “Geneseeville.”

According to records, Genesee County was organized in 1836. The county itself was named after a valley in Western New York, where many of the earliest settlers hailed from.

A few years after the county was created, citizens could pick up a copy of the The Flint River Gazette, or later, The Genesee County Democrat for the latest news. Concerts were put on by The Old Flint Band, just $500 would purchase a schoolhouse and the first case tried in the Genesee circuit court resulted in a damages award of $16.

During the the 1840s, The Genesee Iron Works started work on a steam engine, the precursor to the automobile industry. Indian trails laid the groundwork for the first public highways.

However, the buildings and historical feel at Crossroads village are younger by about 30 years.

Crossroads will instead draw on the year 1876 as inspiration for their old fashioned party.

Pringle explained that they chose 1876 because Genesee County was turning 40 as the United States was celebrating its centennial.

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