Genesys presents talk on hip and knee arthritis

Michael Sorscher, MD

Michael Sorscher, MD

GENESEE COUNTY — “Take charge of your arthritis” is a free talk offered by Genesys June 26, from 2-3:30 p.m., at Genesys Conference and Banquet Center.

Michael Sorscher, MD, orthopedic surgeon on staff at Genesys, will discuss causes and symptoms of arthritis, normal hip and knee function, effects of arthritis on the hip and knee, diagnosis, and treatment options. He will be available for questions after his talk.

Matt Schroeder, physical therapist with Physicians Integrated Physical Therapy, will talk about exercises for arthritis – what exercises will help and how to perform them correctly.

Genesys Athletic Club staff will provide information on arthritis exercise classes offered at the club for non-members and members. To sign up for the talk, call Genesys Orthopedic Services at 1-888-234-4710.

Genesys Conference and

Banquet Center is located on the

Genesys Regional Medical

Center — Health Park campus in Grand Blanc Township. — G.G.

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