Genesys to realign emergency care services

— As part of its ongoing commitment to provide appropriate levels of medical care and services in the most effective and needed settings, Genesys plans to realign emergency care services and establish a patient care facility in downtown Flint as part of the city’s revitalization initiatives.

After a comprehensive assessment of the community’s current and future health care needs, Genesys determined a downtown Flint location for outpatient clinical services and an urgent care facility would be most advantageous for patients and the community.

According to Chris Palazzolo, Genesys chief financial officer, factors contributing to this decision included: the shift in patient care volumes over the last few years, a change in levels of care and the type of care most needed in certain geographic areas, an aging Genesys West Flint Campus building, and an “opportunity to partner with the city of Flint in its aggressive revitalization efforts.

“Volumes in the emergency departments (ED) at the Genesys West Flint Campus and the Genesys East Flint Campus have declined steadily over the past few years, and trends have shown the majority of patients using these two EDs require a level of care that meets urgent care criteria – not emergency care,” Palazzolo explains.

As a result, Genesys will close the EDs at Genesys West Flint Campus and Genesys East Flint Campus on Nov.1.

To meet the increasing need for urgent care, Genesys will open two urgent care centers. One will be located in a yet-tobe determined site in downtown Flint. The other urgent care center will open at the Genesys East Flint Campus in Burton on Nov. 8. This urgent care center will be open weekdays from 4-10 p.m., and weekends from noon-8 p.m.

The Emergency Department and Trauma Center at Genesys Regional Medical Center will expand to improve wait times and the patient care.

In addition, Genesys Occupational Health Network (GOHN) will relocate from Dort Highway in Flint to the Genesys East Flint Campus on Nov. 1. — G.G.

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