Get out and vote!

Recently, our children have taken more interest in what goes on during a campaign and the voting process. As a parent, I am glad to hear them asking questions. We decided it would be important for them to see what a sample ballot looks like. As my wife filled out her absentee ballot, we discussed each office and proposal that is listed on the ballot.

I encourage you before the upcoming election on November 3 to ask questions, go online, talk to your friends and neighbors about what will be on the ballot. Take the time to also teach your children about the importance of voting. Remember there will be individuals and proposals to vote for on both sides of your ballot.

If you are not sure where your voting precinct is located or how to get view a sample ballot, be sure to reach out to your helpful local clerk’s office.

It is important to show up and vote either on election day or before by absentee ballot. If you can, take your children with you to experience the voting process. No matter which party you are voting for or how you feel about a candidate, let your voice be heard and vote! — Travis Howell, Davison Township