Gift of Life to hold organ donation trivia event online



GENESEE COUNTY — Gift of Life will hold a virtual trivia event Feb. 11 to help increase awareness about organ donation.

Virtual Trivia Night, held from 7-8:15 p.m., on Zoom and Kahoot, will test participants knowledge of organ donation and transplant, according to Shalonda Griffin, Gift of Life Community Relations Coordinator for Genesee and Saginaw counties.

Griffin will partner with Brandon Corder, founder and CEO of the Flint Beats x Beers Festival, for the event.

This is the second time Griffin and Corder have done Virtual Trivia Night, having held the first event last August in collaboration with National Minority Donor Awareness Month and Black Business Month. Prizes for that event, she said, were from local Black businesses.

“It’s a virtual event you can take part in with a tablet or smart phone, using Zoom and Kahoot,” said Griffin. “You’ll see us on the screen and the questions will appear and you can input your answers.”

Griffin said the event was very well received, with approximately 44 participants.

“The reason I reached out to Brandon is he can reach an audience I cannot,” she said.

Corder said Beats x Beers publicizes events around the country. The Flint-based business started in 2015 with an event in Austin, TX and hosts an annual Beat x Beers Festival at the SXSW Music Festival.

“We’ve grown from there to doing various events a little bit of everywhere, and now we’re circling to doing things like this,” said Corder. “Obviously, we’re in different times right now being in a pandemic, so we’ve partnered with Gift of Life, bringing our audience to them, making us one big happy family.”

Griffin said some questions will deal with organ and tissue donation, but will also include typical questions about pop culture, trivia and arts.

She said Gift of Life and Beats x Beers are encouraging people to sign up to participate in the event.

“Grab some friends, sign up, join us for like an hour and 15 minutes,” said Griffin. “As Brandon can tell you, I’m hilarious so you’re going to laugh like you’ve never laughed before.”

She said they decided to do trivia because organ and tissue donation, while it is a very important topic, is not necessarily a fun topic.

“If some asked you to come and hear about organ and tissue donation, you’d probably say no,” said Griffin. “But trivia is fun, and you’re also learning something.”

To show the more serious side of organ donation, Griffin said she and Corder will interview Londel Cook of Saginaw, who received a kidney donation in 2019.

Cook suffered from hereditary hypertension and also contracted HIV in 2005. The disease attacked his kidney and pushed him into renal failure, which required him to undergo dialysis for 12 years before receiving a kidney in March 2019.

Griffin said there will be a first-place prize for the Feb. 11 Virtual Trivia Night, but added she’s keeping that a secret.

To learn more about the Virtual Trivia Night or to sign-up, visit trivia.

Last year, 374 people became organ donors, leading to 1,047 life-saving organ transplants. Hundreds more gave the gifts of tissue and sight, helping to improve the lives of thousands of recipients.

Michigan Patients Currently Waiting for a Transplant as of Jan. 1:

• Kidney 2,062

• Liver 233

• Heart 139

• Lung 41

• Kidney/Pancreas 31

• Kidney/Liver 20

• Pancreas 17

• Kidney/Heart 4

• Pancreas/Liver/Intestine 1

TOTAL 2,548

Everyday hundreds of people in our state are in need of other tissues such as heart valves, veins, tendons, bone and corneas in order to survive or maintain their quality of life.

To become a donor, sign up on the Michigan Organ Donor Registry today at or call 866-500- 5801.