GM Student Corps returns to Flint in 2015

10 Flint Southwestern Classical Academy students work on Berston Field House

FLINT — General Motors’ Student Corps program returns to Flint this summer with 10 students from Flint Southwestern Classical Academy.

The local students are among 130 students from 13 schools in Metro Detroit and Flint participating in the GM Student Corps

Student Corps provides high school students with paid internships and the opportunity to give back to their neighborhoods through community improvement projects they plan and complete. The program unites people of all ages and backgrounds toward a common goal – improving under-served and deeply distressed communities – while helping students develop valuable skills.

In 2015, 55 GM retirees, 14 college interns from the University of Detroit Mercy and the University of Michigan-Flint, and countless GM volunteers will mentor the 130 students, providing job training and college preparation, professional and career development and leadership and life lessons.

“GM Student Corps shows the tremendous impact companies can make by harnessing the power of their retirees and employees to mentor young people,” said Heidi Magyar, director of GM’s new community outreach group. “The program helps build communities with a ‘lead where you are’ mindset that instills teamwork, determination and pride in themselves and their communities.”

This week, students from Flint Southwestern Classical Academy started landscaping around Flint’s historic Berston Field House. Built in 1923, Berston was home to many top boxing and basketball talent who emerged from the city.

In addition to clearing sidewalks and removing old shrubs, the students planted and spruced up the exterior of the field house and plan to install exterior benches. UAW members from GM’s Later in the summer, the students plan to fix the dugouts at their school’s baseball field, create bleachers for sporting events and replace floor tiles in the school.

Students learn independence, project management and leadership skills by selecting, planning, budgeting and completing the projects themselves. Students work three days a week for nine weeks.

Neighborhood residents volunteered their time on project sites, mayors and city councils supported projects to ensure the renovations were maintained. — G.G.

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