GM to invest $7.5m to upgrade offices at Flint Engine

FLINT — General Motors will invest $7.5 million in the Flint Engine Operations to build permanent offices at the engine facility.

Construction of the offices is slated to begin in August, with completion slated for September 2013. Two office units will be constructed, including a 20,000- square-foot unit at the northwest corner of the plant and a 17,500-foot unit at the southwest corner of the facility.

“Construction of permanent offices comes as welcome news for Flint Engine employees who have used a series of trailers for offices for more than a decade,” said Terri Burden, plant manager. “Having two, smaller office units will allow our team to better serve employees working on our two engine programs.”

Flint Engine produces two engine models. The High Feature V6 engine is built by members of UAW Local 659 in the north half of the plant and is used in the Cadillac CTS, the Buick Enclave, Chevrolet Traverse and GMC Acadia. The northwest office unit will house staff affiliated with that production. The 1.4-liter engine is built by members of UAW Local 599 in the south half of the building and is used in the Chevrolet Cruze, Sonic and Volt. The southwest office unit will serve the 1.4- liter team.

Production at Flint Engine started in 2002. The plant covers nearly 1.2 million square feet and is located in the city of Flint, east of GM’s Flint Metal Center and south of GM’s Flint Assembly plant.

Previous investment announcements at the plant include $84 million (May 2011) and $138.3 million (November 2010) for the 1.4-liter engine program.

Flint Engine has been a landfill free operation since March 2005 and recently was recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency for meeting the EPA Challenge by reducing energy consumption by nearly 11 percent in a twoyear period. — G.G.

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