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Polar opposites on the gridiron The Spartans and Wolverines both lost Saturday. However, one of the losses was respectable and the other was of the throw-up, vomit-type. Let’s do the vomit one first.

The Michigan Wolverines were every single nasty adjective one can use in describing a football loss. I believe Michigan totally no showed at South Bend, Indiana, against the Notre Dame football team. The performance by the Wolverines was pitiful, lackluster, unimaginative, brutal, ugly, and horrendous. I think you can get the point. I watched it with some Notre Dame guys who are friends of mine and the Michigan embarrassment made me take my shirt and hat off at halftime and put on some Detroit Tigers gear. They were harassing me to no end and I couldn’t respond with anything.

Brady Hoke is an absolute joke as a coach. He needs to head back to SDSU or the MAC Conference where he had success. If Hoke is so dumb that he can’t see that Devin Gardner is not the answer at quarterback, then he needs to grab a clue from his clueless clue box.

Devin is a terrible decision maker and his throws are awful 90 percent of the time. I cannot watch him any longer take snaps for the Wolverines or I am going to explode into a Maize and Blue rage. I would rather see Bullwinkle the moose under center than Gardner. I am sick of this Michigan football being so below average. Brady Hoke can stick his ‘This is Michigan’ speech up his big fat Fred Flintstone head. How about a new saying: I need to resign and coach Pee Wee football! I am done with this Michigan rant.

The mighty Miami of Ohio team comes to Ann Arbor for a 3:30 p.m. kickoff on Saturday. Do you think a blow-out win over them will make me feel better? No!

The Spartans of Michigan State have nothing to be ashamed of in my opinion. The green and white went toe to toe with the Oregon Ducks and could have pulled off the upset if not for a horrible second half.

I really thought the Spartans were going to win this football game, to be honest, after watching the first half. Oregon jumped on MSU early but State bulled their necks and rallied to take the lead. In the second half, Oregon took control and won the game. Michigan State is the class of the Big Ten and it’s not even close. I say, honestly, the Spartans will run the table in the Big Ten Conference and still will have a shot at the four-team playoff at the end of the season.

The Big Ten Conference is weaker than Popeye on a non-spinach diet. The quarterback Braxton Miller out for the season has cooked the Ohio State Buckeyes. I liked what I saw from Sparty and the Spartans will be fine. MSU is off this week, so Sparty fans go outside and enjoy your Saturday stress free— just don’t watch Michigan play!

Shocking upsets

The NFL season started with a Seattle Seahawks’ crushing of the Green Bay Packers. Seattle is the team to beat in the NFC already; trust me on that one. There were some shockers as Miami took out the New England Patriots and the Buffalo Bills shocked the Bears on Soldier Field in Chicago.

The Lions routed the New York Giants and looked pretty good doing it to be honest with you. I will throw some caution though, as I don’t think the Giants are a very good football team. I will say Ford Field was rocking and a 1-0 start is nice for a change. Detroit will head to Carolina on Sunday to play the 1-0 Panthers. This will be a good road test for the Lions. Carolina’s defense is super tough to move the football against.

The race is on

The Detroit Tigers have a big series against the Kansas City Royals at Comerica Park. Detroit won game one on Monday afternoon. This will be a fun race for the Tigers here in September. My NFL picks were a .500 special 8-8. Best bet was a loser which makes me mad. Here we go with more picks…

BALTIMORE -3 over Pittsburgh
CAROLINA -3 over Detroit
Miami -1 over BUFFALO
WASHINGTON -6 over Jacksonville
TENNESSEE -3 over Dallas
N.Y. GIANTS -pk over Arizona
New England -3 over MINNESOTA
CLEVELAND +6.5 over New Orleans
CINCINNATI -5 over Atlanta
St Louis +4 over TAMPA BAY
SAN DIEGO +5 over Seattle
OAKLAND +3over Houston
GREEN BAY -8over N.Y. Jets
Kansas City +13 over DENVER
SAN FRANCISCO -7 over Chicago
INDIANAPOLIS -3 over Philadelphia

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