Goodrich bond voting close in Genesee County

GOODRICH — In Genesee County, as of press time, the Goodrich Area Schools bond decision was still very close, with 1,748 voters supporting the millage and 1,638 voting against it.

In Oakland County, there were 21 votes in favor of the millage, 16 opposed.

Results of voting in Lapeer County were not available at press time.

The $21 million bond request would result in no tax increase. Instead, it would extend the time the district has to pay back its current debt.

The district currently levies 7.75 mils. The rate would remain the same, but would continue for five additional years, through 2032, rather than expiring in 2027.

If approved, the bond will pay for upgrading security and technology, improving critical infrastructure systems, constructing a new gym at Oaktree Elementary School, upgrading restrooms at Reid Elementary School, renovating the high school media center and cafeteria, and more.

Results listed here were not finalized at press time. Updated results from the Tuesday, Aug. 4 Primary Election will be posted online at As results are posted, an e-newsletter will also be sent to e-newsletter subscribers. An e-newsletter subscription is free. Sign up at grandblancview.