Goodwill celebrates 80 years; moves store from Burton

BURTON — One of Burton’s two Goodwill locations is in the process of moving from the corner of Saginaw and Bristol Roads to Miller Road in Flint.

The store will shut down today and reopen two days later on Miller Road.

Last week, inventory was being reduced with a 50 percent off sale.

The move comes just weeks after Goodwill of Mid- MIchigan celebrated 80 years of business and giving back.

“One of the really wonderful things that this is going to coincide with is we’re going to be able to get out in the community more,” said Angella Thompson, vice president of retail operations. “It’s ready for business.

Goodwill will occupy the retail space connected to David’s Bridal and what was formerly a Michaels craft store.

The new location will be large enough to encompass a new Workforce Development Office and computer lab in the back.

Right now, Thompson is looking for a organization to partner with the Workforce Development Office, a program that will train people wishing to enter the workforce.

“We’re probably about six weeks out yet from getting something like that operational,” she said.

Meanwhile, Goodwill will keep the store’s optical center. All clothes and items however, were deeply discounted last week to avoid moving inventory.

Instead, ‘new’ secondhand merchandise from area collection points will be used to stock the store.

Thompson said the new store’s stock came from donations at Goodwill’s main office on Averill Street in Flint, a drop box in front of the Swartz Creek Kroger and the now closed donation center at Linden and Corunna Roads.

“It’ll be a heck of a lot more convenient to donate,” said Thompson of the new location.

Thompson also reminds people sizing up their closets and looking to donate that less than mint clothing, dishes and electronics are always accepted.

Goodwill of Mid-Michigan operates a recycling center out of the Flint office, where fabric, metal, glass and plastics are recycled for profit.

“You can call it a salvage operation or an after-retail operation,” said Thompson of the environmentally-conscious program. “We can recycle dirty or torn clothing or a stuffed animal that’s missing an ear.”

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