Gourmet Gone Wild partners with Hunters Creek Club

Fly fishing is just one activity people can learn at the Gourmet Gone Wild event.

Fly fishing is just one activity people can learn at the Gourmet Gone Wild event.

METAMORA — The message is pretty clear; eat what you harvest or buy locally.

Driving home the message will be a collaborative team that includes Hunters Creek Club, Inc, 675, East Sutton Rd in Metamora and the Dept. of Natural Resources Wildlife Outreach Specialists. Coordinators include Hunters Creek Club, Inc. President Charlie Mann and Jordan Burroughs, Wildlife Outreach Specialist at Michigan State University. Gourmet Gone Wild is a joint program of Michigan State University Extension, Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources, Boone & Crockett Club and the Michigan United Conservation Clubs that promotes hunting and outdoor activities, along with healthy local eating that includes the use of wild game as the mainstay.

Participants taking part on Saturday, Aug. 27 will get to enjoy a day of hunting and varied outdoor activities and events that culminate with a mouthwatering wild game dinner prepared by Hunters Creek Club chef Dave Wilder and a dessert prepared by Chef Anna Senko.

The Gourmet Gone Wild event aims to expose new individuals of all ages to hunting, while teaching them about the health and recreational benefits of harvesting wild meat and using local produce to prepare, share and enjoy fantastic meals.

“The event is open to individuals or families interested in learning how easily hunting can become part of their healthy lifestyle,” Mann explained. “The health benefits of eating lean wild game, along with the energy expended during the hunt provide health benefits to all involved. Not only will the meal be delicious, but participants will have the satisfaction of knowing where all the ingredients came from while enjoying a feeling of accomplishment by participating in the harvest and preparation of their meal.”

Participants will be able to take part in a morning of outdoor instruction that all begins bright and early at 8:30 a.m. and which includes a guided pheasant hunt, followed by a game-dressing seminar. Those not choosing to hunt can choose from a variety of outdoor-related activities that include fly fishing instruction, hunting dog training, shotgun shooting instruction and a workshop on cheese making and bee keeping. The jam-packed day ends with a wild-game cooking seminar by Wilder, who will then whip up a delicious meal that includes the fresh pheasant, harvested that day.

Cost to take part is $80 for non-hunters and $150 for hunters, who will be required to purchase a 2011 Michigan Small Game License. Licenses are available over the counter at licensed dealers or online at www.mdnr-elicense.com, or onsite at Hunters Creek Club, Inc.

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