Government shutdown should cost elected officials their jobs



I see and hear things in the news and I find myself appalled and my blood is left boiling. The current government shutdown is just one of the current events right now I find absolutely disgusting.

First of all, if you’re going to let the government shut down because you are in a political game of chicken with your adversaries, and both sides are going to let the people, and programs they need, suffer to prove some kind of point — then it’s time for you to go.

In fact, I think if you’re an elected official — president, senator or otherwise — and you let the government shut down because you are too selfish, egotistical or motivated by special interests, you should immediately be removed from office. You have failed, in my opinion, and you have defaulted on your responsibility to the American people.

But politicians have made it so they still get paid during a shutdown — other government workers may not get paid, but the ones we elected and put in office made sure they will still collect a paycheck.

As for this impasse over Obamacare, I first of all think this universal health care deal should have been put to a vote of the people.

Obama says the people want it, the Republicans say no one wants it — so let the people have a real say and hold a national referendum to decide. My other thought on this matter is where do the president and Congress get off holding the national budget hostage?

Neither side wants to negotiate and meanwhile the government is not functioning. People can’t visit monuments, national parks and many vital programs are starting to run out of money — like Head Start, reduced lunch programs and veteran benefits.

I’m sorry, but how do you shutdown a place like the World War II memorial and deny veterans who have very few years ahead of them access to THEIR monument, commemorating the sacrifices they made to protect this nation? Meanwhile the president, Congress and the House of Representatives all keep drawing a paycheck, living off our dime. How is this justified?

Essentially our leaders are saying “if we don’t get our way, the American people are going to suffer” and both sides will blame the other for the mess.

Again, when Republicans and Democrats start letting their drama affect our lives, I think its time to toss them all out and find representatives who will serve the people — not themselves and not just one segment of the population.

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